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What size tent do I need?

The tent size depends on the amount of people that will be attending your event. The capacity measurements are based on square footage of the tent. 

For example:

  • Tent size: 20x20 (400 sq. ft.) Sit down event 40 people

  • Tent size: 20x30 (600 sq. ft.) Sit down event 60 people

  • Tent size: 20x40 (800 sq. ft.) Sit down event 80 people

  • Tent size: 20x60 (1200 sq. ft.)Sit down event 120 people


Are the tents white?

Yes, all of our tents are white.


Are the sidewalls included in the package?

Sidewalls are available, but are not included in our packages. Solid white sidewalls or white sidewalls with cathedral windows can be reserved for an additional $10 per 20 ft. of sidewalls.


What does the price include?

The price will include the set up and disassembling of the equipment.


Are there any additional fees?

Some jobs require more labor and are more physically demanding. This may be taken into consideration during your price quote. For jobs over 30 miles from our location in Holtsville, there may be a small travel charge due to fuel prices.


How high is the tent? What is the height at peak?

The standard height around the perimeter of our rope and pole tents is 7 feet with a peak reaching 14 feet. The standard height around the perimeter of our frame tents is 8 feet with a peak reaching 14 feet.


How do I go about reserving a tent?

Please contact our office and allow us to assist you with the package necessary for your event. If you are unsure of the measurements of your property we will gladly set a date to meet. If you choose to reserve a tent, a security deposit of $100 and signature is required and your event will be reserved.